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what’s all this then?

Who the hell are Jonah Gold and his Silver Apples? Be forewarned, this is certainly inedible, toxic, and harmful stuff! Radioactive R&B and raunchy rock’n’roll, noisy blues, and neanderthal beat.

Their self produced single “Thrillkillhillbillyrhythm/Synthetic sunshine” has already been confiscated by the police, melted down through the earth’s core, and is now quite popular in Guangdong.

Their full length album “Pollute the airwaves” is a selection of songs that would make baby jesus weep. From the introduction featuring blues punk godfather Rob Kennedy (of Workdogs fame) to the final track “I want it back”, every song is guaranteed to blow your brains and rip out your guts.

Let Jonah and his rotten fruits dish the dirt about sex, murder, and throbbing automobiles into your disbelieving orifices.

“I lost my mojo a long time ago, but then I found the Apples”
– Sir Maurice Williams the 3rd


All songs by Jonah Gold and his Silver Apples are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Band members

Jonah Gold lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Cpt.Braeburn guitar, backing vocals, percussion
Dr.von Boskoop bass, backing vocals
Granny Smith drums, screams